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10 Corporate Legal Tech Trends for 2022 and Beyond

With Comments from Across the Industry

Modern technology plays a foundational role in risk management and compliance efforts for General Counsel and corporate legal teams. When used strategically, technology can free professionals from manual, mundane tasks and enable them to apply their expertise to higher-value work. But what’s next? What should corporate legal departments be aware of and preparing for throughout 2022 and beyond?
In this whitepaper, we take a look at 10 legal tech trends that have the potential to drive meaningful outcomes for corporate legal departments and the organizations they serve. See how your team can harness these emerging trends and hear what thought leaders from the legal industry have to say, such as:
  • Mike Haven, Intel and CLOC: “When we layer sophisticated machine learning applications on top of platforms, we’ll witness the next evolution in legal operations. Legal organizations interested in bolstering their automation functionality do not need to reinvent the wheel — help is out there.”
  • Mike Ferrara, Deloitte Legal Business Services: “We’re seeing an overwhelming number of organizations that have accelerated digital initiatives without a well-articulated strategic vision or progress beyond investments in point solutions.”
  • Joy Heath Rush, International Legal Technology Association: “To attract and retain top talent, we must make the employee experience better, make it easier to do work, provide professional development and mentorship opportunities, and otherwise differentiate our business from others — all of which can be enabled by technology.”
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